The Stakeholder Relationship Assessment Tool: Identify the Support Level State of Priority Stakeholder Relationships and Initiatives.

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A template that facilitates assessing each stakeholder on their level of relationship with the executive, as well as their support for an executive’s key initiatives. Each ranking uses a red, yellow, and green scale to create a visual heat map. For each stakeholder, there is also an associated actions section to identify key steps that should be taken to maintain or improve each stakeholder relationship. When complete, this mapping will help an executive identify where they have strong allies, and where there are any potential barriers that need to be addressed to achieve their identified priorities for the year.

How to use this tool

The first step is filling in the Stakeholder Name and their individual Role for all prioritized stakeholders. Additional columns can be added or deleted to ensure that the proper amount is visible for each executive’s stakeholder list. Next, the executive should fill in the Initiatives rows with each of the pre-identified initiatives that they have flagged as a priority for the next 6-12 months. Additional rows can be added or deleted to ensure that the proper amount is visible.


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