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The digital transformation will deliver a new way of operating for the business. It establishes a new status quo for what employees expect, how they work individually or in teams, and how they run the business. This means innovating operations, enabling new capabilities, building new skills, and molding new attitudes about work that shape the new digital reality. Building on change management activities is used to prepare the organization for change and guide it through the digital transformation journey so that new behaviors, skills, and work methods are crystalized into the way the organization operates. Reinforcing employees' expectations while giving them the skills and knowledge to work as envisioned will enable employees and managers to drive the adoption of the new digital future.

looks_oneDeploy change management and adoption data management tools to drive the journey. 

The new frontier in change management is using data and behavioral science. Leading change adoption tools can measure data on employee attitudes, help change leaders collect feedback from employees and change-related issues impacting them and measure operational changes in behavior through user interaction with the systems they use. Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities can analyze data and reveal insights and patterns to refine employee engagement and enablement toward desired change behaviors.


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