Digital Transformation: The Role of HR

Accelerating enterprise value through Digital Transformation relies on HR’s role in enabling change and aligning organizational work, workforce, and workplace to elevate business impact.

Documents included in this package

Level 1 - Core

Refining the HR Strategy for the Digital Future.

HR serves to enable the enterprise through its people. The HR strategy for the organization is dynamic and should be tailored to the direction of the enterprise and designed to ... more »

Mapping the Organizational Landscape to Establish the Current State and Future Needs.

Surveying the organizational landscape to identify talent needs, workforce shifts and strategies, and organizational design and operating changes is critical to driving ... more »

Determining HR Partnering Opportunities for Delivery to Maximize Impact.

Digital transformation will require several significant initiatives, each with potentially time- and resource-intensive needs. And as already mentioned, digital transformation will ... more »

Defining and Updating the HR Initiative Timeline Plan for Proper Resourcing.

Purposeful and efficient use of HR resourcing is critical to success. An HR initiative timeline plan will illustrate the necessary investment and improvement areas in focus for the ... more »

Preparing the Organization for Digital Transformation to Manage the Change.

Any transformation benefits from a guiding hand that helps navigate the journey’s challenges. HR can significantly guide the organization and shape the experience, culture, ... more »

The Digital Transformation Initiative Catalogue: Document, Sequence, and Analyze Identified Initiatives of a Digital Transformation.

This template provides the structure to document initiatives HR identifies as part of the organization’s digital transformation. It allows HR to analyze, weigh, prioritize, ... more »

The Stakeholder Engagement Plan Template: Identify Needs and Activities to Support Stakeholders During Digital Transformation.

Analyzing stakeholder interests and the impact of digital transformation efforts on them is critical to proper engagement planning. HR should identify the stakeholders it must work ... more »

The RACI Matrix Tool: Assign Type of Involvement Across Roles for Critical Tasks.

The RACI matrix should be used as a resource allocation management tool. Use this RACI tool to denote specific responsibilities to key roles related to the digital transformation ... more »

The Initiative Timeline Plan Template: Depict Critical Activities to Implement to Fulfill the Digital Transformation Strategy.

The Initiative Timeline Plan is a pictorial representation of the major initiatives for the digital transformation. The position of the activities on the calendar indicates the ... more »

Level 2 - Advanced

Raising the HR Profile Within the C-Suite to Enhance Understanding of its Strategic Value.

HR must position itself as a thought leader to the rest of the enterprise. To do so, HR must drive vision, strategy, & investment at the C-level of the organization. That ... more »

Driving Adoption of the Digital Future to Optimize the Return on Digital Investments.

The digital transformation will deliver a new way of operating for the business. It establishes a new status quo for what employees expect, how they work individually or in teams, ... more »

Entrenching Model Behavior Into Enterprise Operations Through Measurement and Reporting.

Innovation from investments in digital technologies will bring a new status quo to what employees expect, how they operate individually or in teams, and, ultimately, how they run ... more »

Accelerating the Organization Toward the Future by Building a Digital Culture.

Companies successfully transforming their operations to a digital environment accumulate organizational momentum toward the new digital future. New tools create new ways of ... more »

The Job Persona Template: Define Role Expectations for Changes Associated with Digital Transformation.

This tool facilitates communicating new or updated expectations of behaviors, changes, and performance responsibilities of a job or role. It can be more effective than a list of ... more »

The Behavioral Shifts to Drive Culture Tool: Determine and Communicate Expectations of Behavior Change and Cultural Alignment.

This tool aids in determining and communicating expectations of behavior change and cultural alignment to new digital norms and ways of operating within the organization. It should ... more »

Level 3 - Emerging

Establishing Leading HR-enabling Services that Support and Reinforce the New Digital Realities.

Future-proofing the organization requires examining the enabling functions that serve the organization. HR’s ability to serve the organization must evolve. HR can look inward ... more »

Futureproofing HR by Anticipating Talent Needs and Market Trends.

Establishing leading HR processes and capabilities will go a long way to drive success in the digital organization. But HR can go further to future-proof itself and achieve long-term success. ... more »

Creating a Top-tier Organizational Culture that Embraces and Reinforces a New Digital Future.

The culture of a digital organization consists of the workforce's processes, practices, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions. The HR digital transformation strategy must hit on all ... more »

The Elements of Digital Culture Library: Consult and Incorporate Digital Transformation Cultural Attributes into the Organization.

This tool provides a library of cultural elements to consider and incorporate into the digital transformation journey. It illustrates behavioral attributes associated with each ... more »

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