Closing the Projected Headcount Gaps through Talent Management Strategies.

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Once the headcount demand analyses are completed, a clear estimate of the headcount needs for the coming year can be developed. What follows is the development of plans to acquire or develop the talent needed to fulfill business goals and objectives. These plans are typically generated by the recruiting or learning and development teams. 

looks_oneDevelop recruiting plans

The identification of roles to be filled and the creation of plans to source and screen candidates for those roles starts this process step. A review of past source-of-hire reporting, which identifies where hires have come from in the past will help guide choices regarding the most likely sources of solid volumes of candidates for hire. The focus should begin with the historically most productive sources - college recruiting, targeted postings on LinkedIn, industry websites, employee referral campaigns, or any job boards that have been producers of a sufficient volume of qualified talent are examples of sources.


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