Identifying External Supply and Talent Availability of Most Business-critical Roles.

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A key element of advanced workforce planning is the use of external data to determine current and future availability of the talent needed to fulfill a company’s strategic objectives. Data is available on the number of people employed in each occupation by location, and the outlook for the next 10 years in a given occupational field and role. These enable a company to estimate the ease or difficulty it will face in recruiting both replacement and net growth employees by function and role. 

looks_oneReview U.S. Census data

While the U.S. Census Bureau produces its primary counts every ten years, annual and multi-year reports are conducted regularly. It is good place to start understanding the current state of the population by industry and occupation. Population data that is available includes industry, educational level, occupation, and age. It is therefore a useful, if not high-level, look into the availability of certain occupations within a given locality or region. 

looks_twoGenerate insights from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)


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