Generating More Robust Workforce Planning Insights With Advanced Statistical Analyses.

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Leveraging advanced analytics to establish the future-based likelihood of headcount gains and losses is a multi-faceted approach to emerging workforce planning. It combines creative and statistical processes to generate the types of useful insights that can inform upcoming trends in replacement and growth needs by looking back at trends and applying those with forward-looking techniques. 

looks_oneGather experts and brainstorm

A meeting of experts from both HR and the business should be held to "brainstorm" key questions about the relationship between known or assumed drivers of staffing needs and turnover. This facilitated discussion centers on four key trends and asks participants to generate hypotheses on relationships that can impact the addition and loss of employees in the future. These require historical data elements that can be directly compared for the impact of one against the other and inform the analyses of the relationships between an action and outcome that will be conducted. The trends and examples include:


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