Determining a Performance Management Philosophy and Strategy.

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A philosophy clarifies the purpose and envisioned value of performance management in a given company. It defines how the company wants to lead and manage its people. It determines how the process is defined, how it works, how managers and employees are trained to conduct the process, what criteria are used, and how ratings and the resulting rewards are distributed.

looks_oneClarify the preferred style of management that will be supported by the performance management processes

When conducting interviews or focus groups with top leadership, asking questions can reveal how people will be managed to best meet the company’s goals and objectives. Some examples of effective questions include: “What ways do we believe are the best to motivate and drive the performance of our employees?”, “What clues can be found in the corporate culture or business strategy?”, “What style of management does our business or industry, type, and model require?”, and “How do we want to lead or have our leaders be known for?”.


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