The Persona Template: Define Different Types of Learners, their Preferences, and Requirements for Learning and Development.

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The Persona Template Tool documents the specific types of learners for whom a learning or development program or content is designed. It describes their preferences, needs, and biases for how, where, and what learning is delivered. The tool provides the user with a set of descriptions of the preferences, pain points, needs, and interests of the majority of potential users of a training program or curriculum. These descriptions are used when: 1) designing a course or program, 2) determining what modality(s) should be used to meet their preferred learning styles for that type of content, 3) trying to understand how to best partition or package the material, and 4) understanding the best timeframes and schedules for delivery of the content. 

How to use this tool

Once a learning need has been identified, a representative sample of managers from targeted functions is invited to a session to discuss pre-determined personas and/or brainstorm no more than 5-8 unique types of employees who will have access to the learning or development program. The form is then used as a discussion and data collection guide, where the preferences relative to how each persona will want to interact with the learning content (i.e., what the best delivery mode for the given topic and volume of content) is discussed and recorded. The Learning professionals then take the output and refine/finalize each description. 

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