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Developing a Base Strategy that Provides Guidance on HR Direction, Initiatives, Objectives, and Goals.

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Developing a plan involves leveraging the outcomes of the various discovery activities, organizing them into a logical flow, and translating those insights into HR responses and objectives. A structured approach yields a formal document and plan that can be updated periodically (e.g., annually), communicated widely to stakeholders, leveraged when creating subordinate (e.g., divisional, business unit, or functional) plans, and referenced throughout the planning period for updates.

looks_oneTake identified HR challenges and translate into HR objectives and goals

Once identified, key business objectives, external and internal environmental scans should be translated into HR challenges that can subsequently be converted into HR goals and objectives. Those provide sufficient detail to enable a clear and actionable direction to the organization regarding how the work will be accomplished. For example, the following chart illustrates the translation of identified HR challenges into HR goals:


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