The Competency Rating Form Tool: Assess Individuals on Standardized Corporate Competency Models.

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A functional manager’s assessment of an individual’s demonstrated capabilities as described by each competency for either current performance feedback or future development. It is leveraged for providing feedback to the individual regarding their opportunities for growth and/or improvement related to how they perform the assigned job or role. Competencies differ from skills. Skills describe what work or tasks are conducted on the job, whereas competencies describe “how” the work gets done by a superior performer in that role.

How to use this tool

Leveraging the formal competency model relevant to each position, it is possible to consider the level of capability of each individual based on observations of behaviors across different circumstances throughout the time the employee has performed work for the manager. Observations from other managers and more senior employees should be taken into consideration. The form is completed with specific examples of the behaviors in mind; those should be recorded for use in performance or capability calibration sessions with other managers.  


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