The Career Development Plan Tool: Prepare for Potential New Roles by Identifying Actions to Close Related Skills and Relationships Gaps.

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A template that first helps identify the main goal(s) of an executive when considering their next move. Based on these goals, it helps define possible positions and companies as a next move. For each of these possible positions, the executive can assess how their current skills measure up against the identified skills required for each role. They can also determine whether they have the appropriate relationships in place to make meaningful connections to be considered for the position, or whether there are gaps that need to be addressed. For each possible position, the executive can identify specific actions that need to be taken to best position themselves as a candidate in the future for when that role becomes available.

How to use this tool

The executive should first fill in the pre-identified Goal(s) for Next Role rows with as much detail as is needed for a comprehensive understanding. Additional rows can be added or deleted to ensure that the proper amount is visible for the goal(s) list. Next, the executive should fill in the Possible Position: Company cells with each of the pre-identified positions, as well as the corresponding company, that they might consider as a next move. Each of these positions should support the majority, if not all the goal(s) identified previously. Additional rows can be added or deleted to ensure the proper amount is visible. 


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