Building an Effective Training Plan that Updates Employee Skills in a Manageable Manner.

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An effective training program is essential in ensuring that stakeholders are able to operate in the new ways of working and minimize business disruption. Different stakeholder groups may be impacted in different ways and require not only different training content but also different training delivery methods. Depending on the size of the organization, it may be beneficial to reach out to the Learning & Development Team to support the change initiative training activities.

A.D.D.I.E. is a well-known model that stands for 5 phases of a training program:

  1. Analyze: training needs and requirements are identified and training objectives are established.

  2. Design: training approach, course curriculum, and outlines are defined.

  3. Develop: training materials are created.

  4. Implement: trainers prepare and then deliver training.

  5. Evaluate: training effectiveness is measured and the lessons learned are documented.

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