Entrenching Model Behavior Into Enterprise Operations Through Measurement and Reporting.

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Innovation from investments in digital technologies will bring a new status quo to what employees expect, how they operate individually or in teams, and, ultimately, how they run the business. HR should establish clear communications related to the job changes at the individual level and install measurement methods that link the new behaviors to performance standards. Developing work process tracking and reporting mechanisms will enable the viewing of adoption rates and work output improvements for further refinement of employee efforts and team or unit production. Formalizing connections between behavioral change and performance metrics and measuring should be part of the performance management cycle.

looks_oneEstablish connections between behavioral change metrics and performance metrics.

This starts by understanding where the critical value-driving points in the business process exist. Partnering with business functions to analyze where areas of risk and value exist in operations and using them as input into job design changes for relevant roles or teams is fundamental. It is also critical to focus on aligning job design to how work is expected to get done –based on the operational metrics the business defines for performance. An individual role should have clear transparency between the individual outcomes, how it contributes to the function’s operations, and how it drives enterprise value. A “job persona” is an example of a method to communicate changes to each role due to adopting new technologies.


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