The Business Strategy to Leadership Needs Conversion Template: Capture Insights to Convert Strategies into Development Requirements.

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A tool to identify the leadership competencies, skills and capabilities from key business objectives articulated in either formal strategic plans or by top functional business leaders.  It is used to document a three-step process where business leaders are first guided through a review of each key business objective or strategy, then articulate the organizational capabilities needed to successfully execute the strategy, and finally, the individual capabilities needed by the leadership team members responsible for achieving the goal or objective.  The resulting leadership requirements will subsequently be used to develop leadership development program outcomes.   

How to use this tool

Working with experts from the appropriate operations and process areas, focus groups with brainstorming are conducted. These sessions start with an articulation of the business strategies, followed by facilitated discussions of the organizational capabilities needed to accomplish those strategies, and then the resulting leadership competencies required to guide the development and maintenance of each of those organizational capabilities.    

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