The Strategic Business Need Conversion Tool: Translate Business Strategies into HR Metrics that Represent Actual Performance.

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The Strategic Business Need Conversion tool is a template that guides the translation of a business strategy or key objective into HR key performance indicators (KPIs) that demonstrate HR's contributions to the success (or lack thereof) of the strategy or initiative. The form is used to provide a step-by-step translation of a business strategy or initiative into related HR strategies or goals, then into descriptive HR outcomes that will advance the meeting of such strategies, and finally into resulting metrics or measures that demonstrate the level of contribution made by the HR function, program, or process.  By using this, HR strategies and metrics demonstrate a clear alignment with prevailing business imperatives and directions.

How to use this tool

A meeting of business and HR leaders and process experts is held to brainstorm and determine what metrics best represent the desired outcomes of a successfully executed strategy. Such a meeting is facilitated by asking questions consistent with the form’s four columns and generates ideas for each row – what ideal outputs are expected from each strategy, and how each can be measured. The brainstorming can also be conducted by the HR team first, and then shared with an executive team for feedback and improvement.  

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