Providing Frequent Coaching and Feedback to Adapt and Adjust Performance Throughout the Year.

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Coaching & Mentoring is an employee development activity that, in the context of performance management, involves a manager providing feedback and guidance on an ongoing basis to help employees improve how they conduct work and achieve outcomes. In performance management, this requires a shift from an annual (post-performance) discussion of what went right and wrong to a briefer weekly or bi-weekly discussion of what is going well and not as well as what adjustments can be made to keep performance on a positive pathway to success. This is similar to an athlete who attends practice daily and receives feedback and guidance on form, effort, strategy, and development plans to improve performance from one game to the next.

looks_oneSchedule regular performance checkpoints

Whether initiated by the employee or manager, a typical performance checkpoint is conducted once to twice per month. Depending on the novelty, intensity, and complexity of performing the work, such meetings can be held weekly.


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