The Key Events Tracker Tool: Document Key Individual Performance Events for Tracking and Use in the Formal Performance Evaluation.

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A guide and template for regular Manager notetaking regarding performance achievements and shortcomings, progress towards or changes to goals, performance trends, requests for additional support or help, and other items discussed during these sessions. The data is useful when identifying strengths and development plans and serves as a memory booster at year-end.   

How to use this tool

The functional manager utilizes the tool as a guide to collect key occurrences related to each employee’s performance throughout the year/performance period. Performance data can be collected for each employee on a form or even as a series of notes on a mobile phone, laptop, or another device. The leading practice calls for collecting the date, a description of the event or occurrence, and a list of any other observers or people involved who may shed additional light on what happened. It is important to note that recording successes, as well as failures, is the goal of such an undertaking.

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