The Succession Replacement Summary Chart Tool: Capture Decisions Made on Successors for Each Senior or Key Contributor Role.

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Documents decisions made for replacement candidates at each level of the organization for which the succession planning process is conducted. The tool is an organizational chart-style summary of all roles in a selected part of the company with the key demographic information of each current incumbent, the identified replacements below each incumbent, and their demographic information. The most common chart shows the CEO, the direct reports to that position, and the potential replacements for those individuals listed below.

How to use this tool

A succession management process typically guides the use of this tool:

  1. Functional leaders identify potential future replacements for their own position and collect key demographic data to be included in the chart.
  2. Functional leaders submit the information to a central administrator (typically an HR leader or CEO’s administrator).
  3. The central administrator aggregates all of the submissions into a single organization chart with each box representing an individual who is proposed as a replacement for a given role(s).
  4. Succession planning sessions are conducted to review the submissions and gain alignment on the submitted personnel’s inclusion or exclusion from consideration.
  5. The form is updated with final decisions made during the session.
  6. Gaps in replacement candidates for any role are noted and subject to action planning for closing the gaps with external candidates or accelerated development of existing employees.


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