The Talent Profile Tool: Detail the Relevant Background Data to be Used When Assessing Candidates for Successor or HIPO Status.

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A template for providing detailed background (education, experience, assessment) data used when considering individuals as candidates for inclusion in a succession plan as either successors for executive, senior, or critical roles or as high potentials (HIPOs) for longer-term promotional opportunities. It is used in conjunction with a "Success Profile", which describes the standardized attributes of a well-equipped candidate for a given role. It provides a standardized view of each individual's education, experience, strengths, and development needs during discussions regarding the level of potential of future leaders. It builds increased equity and fairness by improving the organization's ability to compare candidates on a side-by-side basis using the same attributes as criteria. 

How to use this tool

The form is most often provided to the employee for the initial entry of basic data and is then updated/edited by the functional manager with the employee's strengths, development needs and assessed potential readiness, and flight risk data. The completed forms are then brought to talent review sessions, where the employees are discussed in the succession management process.  


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