Emerging Organizational Design Practices to Create Agility.

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This guide is part of a progression set comprised of Core, Advanced, and Emerging Organizational Design practices.

What it is

Emerging organizational design practices focus less on traditional hierarchical organizational structures and more on creating systems that facilitate innovation and adaptability. These systems emphasize informal networks, team-based structures, and collaboration within and across organizational boundaries. Organizational design practices based on such systems require a commitment to openness and the integration of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), that enable collaboration and allow the organization to focus on high-value activities.

Why use it

Organizations face an increasingly unpredictable and complex environment. More than ever, there is a need for organizations to be flexible and adapt quickly to changing conditions. Implementing emerging practices that emphasize openness, innovation, new technologies, and teams-based structures can help organizations thrive in today’s business environment.

Practices at this level

Facilitating networks inside and outside the organization to foster informal collaboration.

Analyze informal informational and influence networks and leverage them to enable flexibility and responsiveness to a changing environment.

Implementing agile teams to respond to dynamic market environments.

Structuring and implementing agile, team-based structures that are self-organizing and quickly receive and respond to bottom-up feedback.

Identifying partnership opportunities with external stakeholders to enable collaboration across organizational boundaries.

Developing external collaboration relationships with partner organizations and individuals to augment, fill or replace business-critical skill sets and capabilities.

Assessing how emerging technologies can shift the organization towards innovative frontiers.

Evaluating artificial intelligence and related technologies' abilities to impact major work processes and resulting organization redesign decision-making.

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