The Executive Time Allocation Tool: Visualize Time Spend Across the Five Main Role Categories to Identify Current and Desired States.

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A template that categorizes most activities an executive will perform into Five (5) main roles and allows an executive to compare their time allocation across the five roles from a current and desired state. Each state will sum to 100% of an executive’s time, and this comparison allows the executive to understand which of the five roles they need to spend more or less time in to reach the desired state. This serves as a helpful self-check as the executive is defining their priorities for the year to ensure that the priorities that they are working on are helping them move in the right direction towards their desired state of time allocation. 

How to use this tool

The first step is carefully reading the descriptions of the 5 C Roles and ensuring there is an understanding of what each role covers in terms of activities. Then, an executive should assess how much time they are currently spending in each of the 5 roles by organizing all of the activities they accomplish in a week or month into one of them (this is a rough estimate). Once completed, all five current state roles should equal 100% of an executive’s time. The final step is considering how much time the executive would like to spend in each of the 5 roles in the future and filling in the boxes. This is the desired state, and all five roles should equal 100%. These will likely be different than the current state. 


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