The 180-Day Plan Tool: Define Key Milestones and Actions Required to be Successful During an Executive Transition and Beyond.

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A template that allows mapping high-level organizational milestones, as well as key milestones for an executive’s biggest priorities by month for the next 180 days. It also details the actions that the executive should take to achieve each milestone, including other people, or owners of the action, involved. With this view, an executive will have all of the information on their key activities for the next 6 months. This also allows them to discover if there are overlapping priorities, too many actions in a given month, dependencies that need to be considered, etc.

How to use this tool

An executive can start by filling in the next six months at the top, starting with the next month from the current date. The executive should then list any major organizational milestones in the next row that impact them but are not controlled by them (i.e., sales meetings, conferences, etc.). These should sit under the corresponding month that the event occurs, and it’s helpful to include the date next to the milestone (i.e. Annual Sales Meeting – 3/6). Next, the executive can fill in each initiative with the appropriate name. Rows can either be added or deleted to get the right number of initiatives listed on the plan.


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