The Coach Effectiveness Assessment Tool: Apply a Questionnaire for Employees Providing Feedback on Coaches' Effectiveness and Prowess.

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The template helps assess the quality of external and/or internal coaches’ behaviors from their individual employee clients. It is used to assess the skill and effectiveness level of coaches deployed to provide development for targeted employees, as well as the ongoing relationship.

How to use this tool

Use this as a guide to developing questions that assess the extent to which an external or internal coach is providing quality and effective coaching to a given employee. The key is assessing the skills that are the focus of coaching skills that serve as criteria for both coach selection and continuing utilization as development resources for the organization’s leaders and employees. The tool should become a regular (e.g., monthly, quarterly) evaluation sent to employees being coached and compiled centrally for tracking and ongoing feedback to the coach and coaching program manager. Data should be reviewed both for individual coaches for performance tracking and aggregated across all coaches for review of program-level effectiveness.


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