The Coaching and Mentoring Impact Metric Definition Tool: Identify Outcome-based Key Performance Indicators to Track Program Success.

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A tool to guide the identification of quality metrics that can be used to track and report on coaching and mentoring outcomes tied to both the stated purpose(s) and talent/business needs that they are designed to address.

How to use this tool

Once the groups targeted for coaching and mentoring are identified, it is possible to work from left to right to:

  • Articulate the purpose or desired talent or business outcomes from offering coaching and/or mentoring to each group. It is important to consider the value that offering these development opportunities will bring to each segment of the employee population.

  • Enter the desired outcome or impact of offering the development opportunities to this population. It is important to consider any quantitative aspects that can be included, such as a timeframe for improvement or the degree of improvement that the group will experience as a goal.

  • Identify the metrics that will capture the extent to which improvement or impact is felt. One way to do this is by answering the question, “How will I know if the employees in this group are successfully impacted by the coaching and mentoring?”


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