Accelerating the Organization Toward the Future by Building a Digital Culture.

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Companies successfully transforming their operations to a digital environment accumulate organizational momentum toward the new digital future. New tools create new ways of working, leading to new ways to create value for the organization. Teams can respond to opportunities with more speed and agility than before. HR must embrace this natural momentum and deliver solutions that enable the organization's people to fulfill their potential in the digital environment. The key is to embrace the digital vision and create a culture that accelerates value toward the new digital reality.

looks_oneDefine and promote critical shifts in behavior, attitudes, and cultural perspectives.

HR can work with executive leadership to identify and define the critical shifts envisioned for the organization. Shape them as target behaviors or attitudes, demonstrating a transition from the ordinary to the innovative. They should transform how things are done today into how they will be done in tomorrow’s digital future. Documenting and promoting these shifts is needed to reinforce a digital culture throughout the organization, provide a framework for specific behavior shifts, and model behaviors within each business function. Reiterating these shifts in employee communication and engagement when conveying other aspects of the digital transformation is also relevant. 


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