The Behavioral Shifts to Drive Culture Tool: Determine and Communicate Expectations of Behavior Change and Cultural Alignment.

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This tool aids in determining and communicating expectations of behavior change and cultural alignment to new digital norms and ways of operating within the organization. It should be part of the messaging campaign to drive desired attitudes and perspectives about the new digital organization. Typically, this is part of executive or leader-level messaging for the entire organization, unit, or function. Then team members and first-line supervisors should build on messaging themes and elaborate on details relevant to their specific teams, functions, or departments as part of the ongoing messaging campaign for the digital transformation journey.

How to use this tool

Use the digital transformation vision, change objectives, and HR strategy to determine the key behavioral shifts to steer the organization toward the future state vision of the digital transformation. These should address how employees think, respond, act, operate, judge, and make decisions within the organization due to the transformation. These should not be prescriptive or defined at operational or work-execution levels but rather should try to capture the essence of desired change and motivate employees to adapt new digital ways of operation.


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