Projecting Future Headcount Demand Requirements from Business Plans and External Estimates.

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An important step in Core workforce planning is to generate a sense of what will be faced in the future when working to maintain the proper level of a workforce that is suited to meeting the business goals of the organization. Often missed as a step by companies as they try to plan, a review of the external environment can provide cues and clues as to what trends are coming that may impact the company's ability to retain and maintain a sufficient staff.     

looks_oneReview economic trends

At the beginning of every year, hundreds of organizations publish predictions that outline how the economy and industries will fare based upon the recent past and upcoming changes. A review of available reports, articles, and blogs can provide useful insights into the potential future trends that are likely to either favor or obstruct the efforts to maintain the needed employee base. These reports are readily available online through the government, large banks/financial institutions, consulting companies, and various business news publications.


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