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The Capabilities, Tasks, and Roles Worksheet Tool: Identify Work Needs and the Roles Responsible for Completing It.

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The Capabilities, Tasks, and Roles Worksheet helps define the work to be accomplished in each function or business unit and determine who will complete that work. It also helps HR and business leaders define the broad capabilities (i.e., know-how or expertise) needed and the specific tasks required to develop and execute those capabilities to achieve the organization’s goals. Finally, it helps leaders clarify how to complete work by assigning specific roles to the identified tasks.

How to use this tool

Using this tool should start with identifying a few major capabilities by function or business unit needed by the organization to implement the business strategy and achieve the organization’s goals. Capabilities should be defined broadly as the major areas of expertise the organization must have to achieve its goals. After identifying capabilities, the specific activities needed to develop and/or implement these capabilities (i.e., tasks) should be defined. Tasks should be defined narrowly enough to assign them to a specific primary role but not so narrowly that each capability has too many tasks. A specific role should then be assigned as the primary responsible party for execution of the task identified. The function/business unit through which the role will report should likewise be identified. Roles with secondary responsibility can also be added, but clear delineation between primary and secondary roles should be noted.


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