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The Organizational Inventory and Talent Tracker Tool: Trace Individuals in the Organization During an Organizational Design Process.

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The Organizational Inventory and Talent Tracker identifies the original role and reporting relationship(s) of all individuals in the organization as well as their role and reporting relationship(s) once an organizational design effort has taken place. By consolidating information regarding the placement of all individuals across the organization, HR and business leaders can determine how the organizational design effort impacted each individual.

How to use this tool

The tracker should be pre-populated with initial data regarding the current roles and reporting relationships from the organization’s HR information system. Then, as the organization goes through the organizational design process, the tracker should be updated regularly with information regarding the placement of the individual in the newly designed organization. The individuals responsible for organization design for each business unit or function should collect this information as placement decisions are made. The information should then be aggregated across the organization to ensure that all individuals are accounted for in the design.


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