The Talent Segment Tailoring Worksheet Tool: Define Key Differences and Unique Aspects in the Performance Evaluation for Critical Roles.

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A template to assist with the understanding of the unique needs and preferences of critical workforce segments from the performance management process and to document the elements (criteria and process steps) that will be tailored for each group in the future.  

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The critical workforce segments are identified in a formal process. Lacking a formal process, executive interviews are conducted to identify the roles that are perceived as having a disproportionate impact on the achievement of one or more major corporate strategies or goals. A review of the job descriptions for each role then helps identify the unique job standards that must be met. Next, conducting focus groups with the current job holders and/or their managers will reveal what they value or prefer most in a performance evaluation process. The findings from each focus group are then summarized to identify the aspects that are unique to each group as well as common to most. Those are then captured on the form, where unique criteria and process steps are identified so that they can be used in the tailoring of the process and criteria.

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