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The Internal Environmental Scan Tool: Capture and Categorize Factors Internal to the Company Impacting its Objectives.

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This template provides a structure for identifying key internal topics that should be considered in a formal analysis of the business’s upcoming challenges. It supports an inclusive review of key trends internal to the company and their definition, categorizing them as either “barriers” to be overcome or “enablers” to be leveraged as subsequent business and HR strategies are developed and articulated. 

How to use this tool

Starting with each Internal Factor category (defined below), a team of senior HR (or ideally, Business and HR strategists) identify “Trends” expected to occur in the coming planning period (the next year or years) that will have to be managed or dealt with to meet planned company and HR objectives. Such trends can be identified using HR or People Analytics that help identify both historical trends and those (ideally) projected to occur using predictive analytics. Each trend is then reviewed and identified as either a barrier or an enabler (and why) for the company given its primary strategic objectives. 


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