The Change Impact Analysis Template: Identify and Assess how Initiatives Impact the Company.

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This template provides a structure to document how specific stakeholder groups will be impacted by an initiative and measure the degree of change. The template also helps capture the change barriers, expected benefits, and mitigation plans for each identified change. The questionnaire provides prompts to support the identification and assessment of changes. It is beneficial to refresh this document regularly and confirm the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the documented changes. This tool will help companies comprehensively understand how the organization will be impacted, the potential benefits and consequences of the change initiative, and then develop informed mitigation strategies.

How to use this tool

Early in an initiative, team members meet to review and understand the current and future states as well as which stakeholder groups will be impacted by the change (use the provided questionnaire to support the discussion). It is valuable to indicate an early estimate of the degree of change using the provided guidelines. 


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