The Stakeholder Analysis Template: Identify the Individuals Needed for Successful Change and Their Level of Support.

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This template and process help organizations discover what stakeholders need and expect from a change initiative. The template serves to identify current and required levels of support for change as well as a benchmark for which stakeholders may resist the change and which may embrace it. Additionally, this tool provides clarity to the project team about commitment to the change and helps with appropriate management of expectations, wants, and needs.

How to use this tool

The process begins by organizing individuals into stakeholder groups, considering grouping them by function, role, location, organizational level, type of user, level of influence, etc.  Using the stakeholder analysis matrix dimensions, stakeholder groups are then mapped by the degree to which they will be impacted by the initiative and level of influence they have on the project’s success. This information will serve as input to communication planning.  For example:

  • Stakeholder groups with a high impact and high influence will need to be engaged regularly. 
  • Stakeholders with high influence but low impact will need to demonstrate their commitment to the change. 
  • Stakeholders with low influence but high impact will need to be adequately informed and trained to adopt the change.  
  • Stakeholders with low influence and low impact require a light touch to keep them informed as the initiative progresses.


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